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Xikar Xi3 Ivory Mammoth Cigar Cutter
Xikar Xi3 Ivory Mammoth Cigar Cutter thumbnail image 1

Xikar Xi3 Ivory Mammoth Cigar Cutter

From: Xikar Item #: 230109

$449.99 MSRP - 11% OFF
So this is pretty crazy.

Xikar has outdone themselves with this special edition cigar cutter made with 10,000 year old mammoth's tusk. Yes, you read that correctly. These limited edition cutters are made with actual Mammoth Ivory.

Each piece is unique, individually numbered and enclosed in an elegant gift box with certificate of authenticity. Fossil ivory offers an unusual mosaic of color derived from the surrounding soil, ice or plant life to which it was formed.

These are highly limited, and no two are alike - claim yours now.

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