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Xikar Cigar Protection Travel Case #50-80
Xikar Cigar Protection Travel Case #50-80 thumbnail image 1

Xikar Cigar Protection Travel Case #50-80

From: Xikar Item #: 234882

$99.99 MSRP - 10% OFF
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When you absolutley need your cigars to get there in one piece, no matter what. The X-treme series of cases are the toughest and roughest cases out there and are up to any challenge. Made from high impact plastic with an absolutely air and watertight seal, humidifier, foam cigar-shaped inserts and lock loop, its hard to imagine any situation where these cases would not fit the bill. A favorite of our military customers!

Holds up to 18 7 1/2 x 58 cigars. Comes with handle and vent.

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