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CigarsZone by Don Fidel Cigars

The Nicaraguan puro CigarsZone by Don Fidel cigar is the official cigar of Nicaragua's hottest (and only) night club! Blended by Olivas Cigar Family Patriarch Don Fidel using a ligero-laden blend of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos from the country's top growing regions, CigarsZone brings you a smooth, medium-bodied profile boasting generous notes of earth, cocoa, nuts, and spice. These handmade smokes were previously only available to CigarZone patrons, and now we're letting you in on the action. If you're a fan of fine Nicaraguan cigars like Padron 1000's series, light up CigarsZone for a similar smoke at an excellent price.

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CigarsZone by Don Fidel / CigarsZone by Don Fidel Cigars