CLE Signature Cameroon

Retaining the signature toasty and sweet taste of the classic African Cameroon leaf but adding a bit more of the ol’ Honduran kick, Cameroon de Jamastran tobaccos are a unique varietal that was grown by Christian Eiroa’s father Julio on his farm in the Jamastran Valley region. These special wrapper leaves are what give the CLE Signature Cameroon its one-of-a-kind taste and aroma. Wrapping this hearty top leaf around an undisclosed blend of aged long-fillers, the CLE Signature Cameroon is medium-full in body and luxurious in lush full flavor. A dense bouquet of tasting notes with impressions of earth, pepper, leather, and nuttiness unfolds over the course of this charming cigar’s slow burn. When you light up this robust, refined, and elegant cigar, special occasions suddenly become more special and average days turn into celebrations. Put it in your humidor at the greatest possible value now.


Maduro (2)
Cameroon (1)


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