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Cubita Cigars

The Quesada family, founders of MATASA (Manufactura de Tabacos S.A.), have been involved in the tobacco industry for well over a century. Originated from Spain, the Quesadas immigrated to Cuba, where they became bakers. Ironically, in the late 19th century, a family debt was paid with tobacco. This would be all the Quesadas needed to begin their family tobacco business.

First the family opened a leaf purchasing company, but after a dispute between brothers, the Quesadas split into two separate companies. Throughout the beginning of the 20th century, the Quesada family business began to expand vastly, and the brothers soon became two of the biggest exporters of Cuban tobacco. After the Cuban Revolution, the Quesada family moved their business to the Dominican Republic. The new era of the Quesada family began when they decided to begin to produce their own cigars. In a few short years, MATASA was born in 1974. Ever since the formation of this company, they have expanded their business annually, producing such quality cigars as Cubita, Fonseca and Licenciados.

Cubita cigars were designed to be a premium Dominican cigar, but something that could double as an everyday smoke. Cubita cigars are handmade at the MATASA cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. Cubita’s are very smooth medium-full bodied cigars that are blended in a more traditional sense. Unlike a lot of newer companies, MATASA has stayed true to the cigars that they’ve loved for over a hundred years. Cubita cigars use a combination of aged, premium Dominican tobacco for the binder and filler, with a Connecticut-seed wrapper that is grown in Ecuador. For a cigar that is incredibly well-made, especially for the price, don’t hesitate to purchase a box of Cubita.

In 2002, MATASA offered a new Cubita cigar, the Cubita Spanish Market Selection. A successful cigar in Europe, MATASA decided to offer the Cubita Spanish Market Selection to their North American customers. Using Dominican Olor tobacco for the binder, and Nicaraguan Ligero and Dominican Cuban-seed tobacco for the filler. A Honduran Cuban-seed wrapper allows for the flavor to come out in this medium-full bodied cigar. Whether it’s the Cubita Spanish Market Selection or the classic Cubita line, MATASA has continued to prove their talent in crafting wonderful cigars.

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