Eiroa Dark

A Honduran puro rolled using 100% authentic Corojo leaf grown on the Eiroa family’s farm, the Eiroa Dark brings you a full-bodied blast of potent full flavor in every draw. A strong and satisfying smoke that never overwhelms, the Eiroa Dark showcases the essence of the world's richest Honduran leaves with a savory tasting profile that's brimming with earthy, zesty, and naturally sweet character. Though the blend is comprised of a single tobacco varietal, its flavor runs deep, with hints of white pepper, baking spices, citrus, and nuts popping up over the course of a slow and even burn. These robust, no-nonsense smokes are sure to appeal to those who crave the boldest of premium pleasures - choose from three unique sizes and grab your box today.



Price Per Stick

4" - 6" (3)
6" - 8" (2)

50 - 54 (2)
55 - 60 (1)
60 - 64 (1)

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