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Habana Gold Cigars

Christian Eiroa, the heir apparent to the Camacho throne, has been turning heads in the cigar industry. With his Camacho brand, as well as Baccarat and La Fontana, Eiroa has turned Camacho into one of the top players in the cigar world. It’s no surprise that he has allowed his company to produce exclusive house brands and private labels for certain businesses and individuals. Habana Gold cigars are indeed that, a house brand in the tradition of the old boom-time cigar. These quality Honduran handmade cigars are offered at a price that is unbeatable.

Habana Gold cigars use a delicious Colorado Claro wrapper, as well as premium tobacco from Honduras. It is the ideal cigar for the medium bodied smoker who enjoys a nice quality handmade smoke for less than two dollars a stick. A lot of our customers rave about Habana Gold cigars because of the quality of the tobacco for such an affordable price. Many people do not know who actually manufactures this blend, since we at are one of the few vendors that actually carry it. We’re very proud of the price that we can offer this cigar to you, and the quality is unmistakable. Try a box of Habana Gold today, or check out our multiple box deals, either way we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with every Habana Gold cigar you smoke.

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