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Habana Gold Dominican Cigars

The Habana Gold Dominican Series is vastly different than the regular Habana Gold cigar line. The Habana Gold cigar is made by Camacho and is a quality Honduran cigar. This private label cigar line features a union of two big names in the cigar industry, Alec Bradley and Hendrik Kelner. Alec Bradley is the importer, as well as a key contributor to packaging as well as the blend. Hendrik Kelner, the well-known master blender of Davidoff, manufactures the cigars at his OK Cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. The OK Cigar factory also produces such high end blends as Avo and Griffins. We were ecstatic to be able to offer you another blend from such a well-known name in the industry at a price that’s hard to beat.

The Habana Gold Dominican Series uses a quality 2003 Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper, as well as 1999/2000 Dominican San Vicente tobacco for the filler and 1998/1999 Dominican Olor tobacco for the binder. The Habana Gold Dominican Series is a mild to medium bodied cigar that is a good everyday smoke. When you buy any cigar that Kelner makes, you know you’re going to get a well constructed cigar that burns properly, and the Habana Gold Dominican Series is no different. Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley fame, entered the process to alter the blend a little bit to make sure it was going to be different than the traditional Kelner blend. This is something that we haven’t seen a lot, and we’re very happy with the end product. You can tell when smoking a Habana Gold Dominican Series cigar that it is a Kelner cigar, but at the same time it has some pizzaz to it. We here at are proud to offer you the Habana Gold Dominican Series at a price that any smoker can afford, and with such big names behind this cigar, you know you’re going to get a quality smoke, so why wait? Pick up a box today, give us a call at 1-888-41-CIGAR.

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Habana Gold Dominican / Habana Gold Dominican Cigars