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The word Helix originates from the Greek language, and it is defined as being a three-dimensional, twisted shape. Helices are commonly used in biology, as the all important DNA molecule is formed as two intertwined helices. Some examples of helices in your everyday life would be a spring or a screw. That’s your science lesson for the day, now let’s talk about the cigar, shall we?

General Cigar has been well ahead of the game for many years and is one of the biggest cigar companies in the world. At the turn of the 21st century, they began noticing that most companies were introducing more powerful, full-bodied cigars, to appeal to the long-time smoker. Helix cigar’s were introduced to counter that point, and to cater to the novice smoker as well as the seasoned veteran. currently offers three lines of Helix cigars: Natural, Maduro and Remix. All Helix cigars are handmade at the Centro American Cigars factory in Danli, Honduras.

The Helix Natural cigar has a mild Connecticut wrapper, as well as fine Mexican tobacco for the binder. The blend used for the filler is created with tobacco from Brazil, Honduras, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. A smooth cigar that is a perfect fit for any mild-bodied smoker. The Helix Natural cigar maintains its flavor throughout the smoke, creating a pleasurable experience for any cigar enthusiast. Whether it’s a morning or evening cigar that you desire, the Helix Natural will fit the bill.

The Helix Maduro cigar is not your typical powerful Maduro. Although it is stronger than the Helix Natural, this cigar is not going to make you have to sit down while smoking. It’s a nice change of pace for a Maduro, though, because it allows you to experience a different flavor without overpowering you. Using an aged Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, the Helix Maduro maintains the smooth flavors that are employed by the Helix Natural cigar. For the binder, the Helix Maduro cigar uses premium Honduran tobacco. The filler is made up of tobacco from Brazil, Honduras, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. For the smoker looking for something new, you know you can’t go wrong when it’s coming from General Cigar, so pick up a box of Helix Maduro today!

The Helix Remix cigar is the newest addition to the already successful Helix cigar. Offered in two flavors, either the delicious Amaretto, or the Café Royale. These cigars use the same blend of tobacco used in the Helix Natural cigar. Essentially, the Helix Remix is an infused version of the delicious Helix Natural. The Helix Remix Amaretto is infused with quality Amaretto, and the Helix Remix Café Royale is infused with exquisite coffee. Offered in most traditional sizes, as well as in smaller tins, the Helix Remix is an enjoyable twist on a incredibly well-made cigar. Every cigar that General Cigar puts out has gone through an extensive amount of quality control, and we stand by all the cigars that they put out. Helix cigars are no different and we here at are confident that you will enjoy any Helix cigar that you purchase. Why wait? Call us now at 1-888-41-CIGAR today!

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