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Best Cigar Prices has the best assortment of cigar humidor humidifiers to keep your fine cigars fresh over time. We offer many different sizes and types of cigar humidifiers ranging from humidity for personal humidors with as little as 25 cigars to large tanks for humidity for commercial humidors. Our compact crystal cigar humidifiers are perfect for travel size cigar cases.

To fill or charge your cigar humidor humidifier, you should remove it from the humidor and dampen the humidifier in a 50/50 solution of distilled water and propylene glycol (PG), usually referred to as activator solution (note: tap water or filtered tap water will not work). You are not looking to soak the cigar humidor humidifier, just get it damp. This procedure should be repeated when your cigars start to get dry or when your hygrometer reads the humidity as being lower than you prefer.

At Best Cigar Prices we know that when you buy a cigar, it is not only because you need a cigar, but because you want to savor the experience. Keep your cigars as fresh as possible, and continue to enjoy the occasion with our top of the line cigar humidifiers! Check out our featured cigar humidifiers below, or search our whole selection to find the color, shape and size that best fits your needs.

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