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Joya de Nicaragua Gran Reserva Cigars

Over the past couple of decades the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño 1970 & Antaño Dark Corojo lines have come to define the standard for premium, full-bodied Nicaraguan cigars. With the introduction of the Antaño Gran Reserva, the bar has been raised once again.

A more refined and mature version of the original groundbreaking Antaño, the Gran Reserva preserves the series tradition of using 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos, but this time around the leaves selected for the blend have been aged for up to 5 years prior to rolling - a distinction that lends an incredible new level of silky flavor delivery that must be experienced to be truly understood.

As potent as its predecessors, yet far more nuanced in flavors of coffee, leather, creamy caramel, and more, the Antaño Gran Reserva just might be the quintessential Nicaraguan cigar. Grab your batch and decide for yourself now.

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Joya de Nicaragua Gran Reserva / Joya de Nicaragua Gran Reserva Cigars