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La Aurora Seconds

La Aurora Seconds Cigars | We will beat any price by $10

La Aurora is the Dominican’s oldest cigar factory and one of the best-known cigar brands on the planet, but you already know that. What you may not know is that they’re super picky about the product that they put out, and that something as minor as a thick vein or a slightly off-color wrapper leaf will earn an otherwise fine La Aurora cigar a spot in the ol’ reject pile. But just where do these exiled cigars go from there?

They go into La Aurora Seconds bundles, where you get to enjoy them at a fraction of their usual price. Yep, these are the real-deal, first-rate La Auroras that didn’t make the cut, and now you can smoke ‘em for a mere $1.47/stick. Tell all your buddies and be the hero of your cigar circle. Or, keep it under your hat and it’ll be our little secret. Either way, it’s a serious score.

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