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Macanudo MAO Cigars

The roots of Macanudo’s Mao cigar can be found on a half-acre plot in the Connecticut River Valley where seeds born from original 1960s Macanudo tobacco seeds were harvested. These seeds were then planted in the lush and fertile Mao region of the Dominican Republic, and the resulting tobaccos were heartier than ever before while retaining the mouth-watering mellow character of the original Macanudo.

A Cuban seed Connecticut Shade wrapper, Mexican binder, and aged long filler tobaccos from Columbia and Nicaragua join this exclusive varietal to bring you a magnificent medium-bodied smoke that engages all the senses. Buttery notes of rich cedar, sweetness, and cream pour onto the palate with each effortless draw as a soft vanilla aroma wafts across the room.

Limited to just 1,800 hand signed and numbered boxes of each size produced, each Macanudo Mao cigar is packaged in an individual wooden coffin that’s great for gifting. Grab yours now and put this incredible piece of cigar history in your humidor today.

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Macanudo MAO / Macanudo MAO Cigars