Makers Mark

The T.W. Samuels family is legendary when one speaks of classic Bourbon. Beginning in the early 20th century, the Samuels utilized an old distillery in Loretto, Kentucky to produce their product. In order to make their bourbon unique, they came up with a new recipe. Their recipe was held in such secrecy that Bill Saumuels Sr. burned the family's 170 year old bourbon recipe.

The first bottle of Maker's Mark was sold in 1958, and contained it's trademark dipped red wax seal. This seal would become a staple for any product that bared the Maker's Mark name. The distillery where the bourbon was produced is so famous, that it was listed on the National Register of Historic places in the 1970's. Maker's Mark Bourbon has become one of the leading brands of whisky to be sold in the United States. In fact, Maker's Mark is also one of few American companies that spells whisky without the "e", a call back to the Scottish form.

When we first found out that Maker's Mark was going to be releasing cigars, we were as thrilled as can be. After all, most of us have had a fine cigar with a glass of Maker's Mark after all, so the combination makes complete sense. You simply can't mistake a Maker's Mark cigar for anything else, as each cigar is carefully placed in a glass tube, and sealed with their signature red wax. The folks over at Maker's Mark wanted to make sure that each cigar contained the same quality as each bottle they produce.

Maker's Mark cigars are offered in two major sizes to appease any smoker. The Maker's Mark 538 is a delicious 5 x 38 cigar, and the Maker's Mark 650 is 6 x 50. Each of these cigars comes in carefully constructed boxes of twenty-five that ensure that all glass tubes will arrive at your doorstep in perfect condition. Using Cuban-seed long leaf tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic, these cigars are premium cigars through and through. The process in which the cigars are flavored is unique to Maker's Mark, as the tobacco does not come in contact with the whisky. This allows for the sweet Bourbon flavor to engulf your senses, yet not be too overpowering.

Maker's Mark cigars are ideal for any smoker looking for something to compliment their evening. Maker's Mark cigars are a medium bodied smoke that will not overpower the smoker, so even a devout mild-bodied smoker can enjoy these cigars. Maker's Mark cigars are also a perfect gift for any occasion. The presentation of the cigars is nothing short of wonderful and will make any smoker happy when they see these premium cigars. Whether it's a loose pack, a box of twenty five, or the latest 10th Anniversary cigar that features the highest quality premium grade Dominican Republic tobacco, you can't go wrong with any Maker's Mark cigar. Give us a call today, or order online at today!

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