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Revolucion by Perdomo Cigars

Back in 2002, when BestCigarPrices decided that we needed a house brand cigar that offered both amazing quality and reasonable price, Perdomo was the ideal choice. Being fans of the many lines that Nick Perdomo has produced, we knew that we would be offering a quality product we could stand behind for many years. All of Revolucion cigars are made in Esteli, Nicaragua, and are presented in quantities of twenty in classic wooden boxes. We also offer many Revolucions in 5 packs, perfect for sampling before buying the whole box. Whether you choose the Connecticut, Cameroon, Corojo or Maduro, you’ll experience the same incredible flavor, even burn, easy draw, and smooth finish. Did I mention the great price? Now for the details... The U.S. Connecticut Line is made from a rare, aged Cuban seed, combined with a genuine Nicaraguan binder and filler, wrapped with a luscious Connecticut wrapper. The Connecticut blend is offered in the following sizes: Churchill, Robusto, Torpedo and Toro. We like to define this smoke as being a mild to medium bodied cigar, with an uncharacteristic nutty and creamy finish. The Connecticut is a great choice for someone looking for the perfect afternoon cigar, or someone new to the cigar world who’s looking to sample a quality mild cigar at a mild price. The Revolucion African Cameroon Line is very often compared to the popular C.A.O. Cameroon L’Anniversaire cigar. This blend is comprised of a rare aged Cuban seed, as well as Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco to make up the filler, and Cuban seed and Nicaraguan tobacco to make up the binder. Perdomo uses only the highest grade Cameroon wrapper to finish out this cigar. The Revolucion African Cameroon cigar is a medium bodied cigar that is best described as rich and complex, and never harsh. Many customers have also told us that they taste hints of cedar in this gem. The Cameroon line is offered in the same standard sizes: Churchill, Robusto, Torpedo and Toro. Pick up a box of twenty today for a fraction of the price of most premium Cameroon cigars on the market. The Revolucion Maduro Line is definitely the most powerful cigar out of the three. Using all Cuban seed for the binder and filler, as well as a three year aged U.S. Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, these Revolucion cigars certainly pack a punch worth trying. This cigar is a medium to full bodied cigar that can be described as hardy, yet still maintaining complex flavors that tickle the pallet throughout the entire smoke.The Revolucion Corojo features a spicy and rich Corojo wrapper for an extra-full flavored smoking experience. Expect the same great burn and draw with an extra dose of savory flavor! All Revolucion cigars carry a 100% quality satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your box purchase, call us and we’ll take them back, no questions asked. Buy a box of Revolucions today and experience why thousands of satisfied customers keep coming back! Viva la Revolucion!

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Revolucion by Perdomo / Revolucion by Perdomo Cigars