Room101 by Camacho

Whenever someone collaborates with Camacho to produce a cigar, it's guaranteed to be a hit - Room 101 cigars are no exception. Developed by Camacho cigars with the help of Matt Booth, the legendary designer from Los Angeles, Room 101 cigars are truly unique. This is in part due to the blend, which features an exclusive Semilla 101 wrapper, which is grown only on the Eiroa family's farm in Honduras, as well as Honduran binder and filler from Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

The presentation of the cigars, however, takes them to the next level. The boxes and bands were designed by Matt Booth, who matched the dark, silky wrapper on the cigars with black and silver bands and boxes. The boxes, which feature the traditional sliding-lid design, are black with silver foil lettering, which makes them unique and eye-catching.

The cigars themselves are medium bodied with notes of pepper, chocolate, espresso, and cream, and as with all Camacho smokes, they feature excellent construction. This provides an even, straight, maintenance-free burn and a generous draw that distributes the flavors of the cigar exquisitely. For a more powerful smoking experience, try the Room 101 Limited Conjura Edition, which features a spicy Rosado wrapper. No matter which Room 101 cigar you choose, you're in for a dynamite smoke with a unique flavor profile and unbeatable presentation.

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