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A little bit of Rum, a dash of Grenadine, some Banana Liqueur, as well as bit of Brandy and some sweet & sour mix, and you have yourself a delicious Rum Runner cocktail. It’s no wonder that American Western decided to name their latest Rum-infused cigar after the successful drink concoction. These Caribbean-infused cigars are offered in many different sizes, which should appease any cigar smoker. For an incredibly affordable handmade stogie, you can’t go wrong with a Rum Runner.

Rum Runner cigars use a delicious Indonesian wrapper as well as Indonesian, Brazilian and Caribbean tobacco for the binder and filler. These cigars truly are a “treasure” in our humidor, and although they haven’t gotten an incredible amount of press, they’re worth their weight in gold. Once you take a Rum Runner out of the box, you can tell that it’s infused with quality Rum, but it’s not an overtly flavored cigar. It’s a fairly mellow cigar that is smooth but has hints of leather throughout the smoke.

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Rum Runner Cruzers Rum Runner Cruzers
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Rum Runner Treasure Rum Runner Treasure
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Rum Runner Wench Rum Runner Wench
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