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Rum Runner Cigars

A little bit of Rum, a dash of Grenadine, some Banana Liqueur, as well as bit of Brandy and some sweet & sour mix, and you have yourself a delicious Rum Runner cocktail. It’s no wonder that American Western decided to name their latest Rum-infused cigar after the successful drink concoction. These Caribbean-infused cigars are offered in many different sizes, which should appease any cigar smoker. For an incredibly affordable handmade stogie, you can’t go wrong with a Rum Runner.

Rum Runner cigars use a delicious Indonesian wrapper as well as Indonesian, Brazilian and Caribbean tobacco for the binder and filler. These cigars truly are a “treasure” in our humidor, and although they haven’t gotten an incredible amount of press, they’re worth their weight in gold. Once you take a Rum Runner out of the box, you can tell that it’s infused with quality Rum, but it’s not an overtly flavored cigar. It’s the perfect amount for your palate. A fairly mild cigar that is smooth but has hints of leather throughout the smoke.

At less than two dollars a stick for any size, it’s hard to pass up a Rum Runner cigar. The Rum Runner cigar has a skull and crossbones logo on the box and the band, and all of the sizes are named after pirates. We feel that these cigars would be the ideal booty for any smoker. In fact, Blackbeard the Pirate’s final words could be applied to these cigars, as he said, ''Damn ye, my friend, nobody but me and the Devil knows where it's hid - and the longest liver will get it all.'' A hidden treasure for many smokers who enjoy a nice infused cigar that can be smoked at any point during the day. Try a box of Rum Runner today, by ordering online or giving us a call at 1-888-41-CIGAR.

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