Sencillo Cigars

Sencillo Cigars are a delicious Honduran Puro from Camacho that were inspired by Founder and CEO of Sencillo Cigars, Keith Park and his love of simple pleasures.

Pronounced "sen-see-yo," Sencillo is the Spanish word for "simple." These delicious cigars are available in Sencillo Platinum and Sencillo Black. The Sencillo Platinum came about when Park was on a Cigar Rights of America Freedom Tour. While on the tour master cigar maker Christian Eiroa handed Parks an unbanded cigar that encouraged him to make the Platinum.

Sencillo Black was a collaboration between Nestor Plasencia Jr., another respected cigar maker, and Keith Park. After months of experimenting with different blends and then almost a year of aging, the Sencillo Black was created. These two unique blends are perfect for lighting up any time of day and sitting back to enjoy the simple things in life.

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