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Sosa Cigars

The Sosa family began producing cigars in the early 1900's in Cuba. Originally the Sosa’s were tobacco growers, but began gaining knowledge and transitioned into a company that was dedicated to manufacturing and distributing quality hand-rolled cigars. By the early 1920's, the small village of Santa Julia, in the Las Villas region that the Sosa family called home, began to get recognition for it’s superior tobacco. Duan Joan Sosa, the man who began the Sosa cigar business, was assisted by his son Arturo Sosa, as well as his grandson Juan Sosa. They worked for many years ensuring that their Cuban cigar was an elite product made from quality tobacco. Unfortunately, the Cuban Revolution forced the Sosa family to flee. The Sosa’s spent the next few years trying to locate a region that would contain soil that was as rich as the native Cuban soil that they spent their lives cultivating. They found this in the Santiago region of the Dominican Republic. The Sosa’s also decided to open a factory in Miami, Florida as well, and within no time, they were back in business. Although many new manufactures are attempting to institute new ways to blend cigars, the Sosa’s have stayed true to the traditional cigar, claiming that there is no point in altering perfection.

Sosa cigars are hand-rolled at the Fuente factory under the supervision of Jose B. Sosa. Sosa cigars are offered in a variety of sizes, and have received 90 or higher ratings from Cigar Aficionado. Sosa cigars are medium to full bodied cigars that have a smooth finish. Featuring an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, as well as Honduran tobacco for the binder. The filler is made up of quality Dominican tobacco. Sosa cigars are offered in either Natural or Maduro, which is something that will surely please any smoker. Sosa cigars have become a high quality premium cigar at an affordable price. There are many cigars that are more than a few dollars per stick that attempt to compete with Sosa cigars. Why spend more money, when there’s a quality product waiting for you? It’s no wonder that future Hall of Famer Brett Farve chose Sosa to product a private label for him. For the cigar smoker who wants to enjoy their medium to full bodied smoke at any time of the day, pick up a box of Sosa cigars today. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-41-CIGAR, we promise we have the best prices around.

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