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Stradivarius Cigars

Antonio Stradivari was born in Italy in 1644 and would become the definitive violin-maker. The violins that the Stradivari family would build, would be called the Stradivarius. These violins are the most sought after stringed instrument in the world, and among the most expensive. The Hammer, for example, is worth an astounding $3.6 million dollars.

The sound that comes out of a Stradivarius is something that has not been replicated since the 1700s, as modern research tools can not fully explain the reasoning behind the instrument. Not only are there violins from the Stradivari family, but also Violas and Cellos, as well as a few Guitars, Harps and Mandolins. When Angel Nunez and General Cigar decided to produce a new, ultra-premium cigar, the name Stradivarius fit.

The Connecticut shade leaf employed by these delicious cigars, was cultivated in 1992 and have been aged for an astounding fifteen years! The Stradivarius cigar is a mild to medium bodied treasure that has Angel Nunez trademark all over it, delicious, creamy and not too harsh.

The Stradivarius cigar features a Dominican Republic binder, as well as tobacco from Nicaragua, Mexico and the Dominican Republic for it’s filler. A creamy vanilla note is consistent throughout this cigar. It is certainly a cigar for the high rolling aficionado, and Nunez achieved exactly what he set out to do.

After releasing the Partagas 160 last year, the Stradivarius is General Cigar’s 2007 premium line. Packaged in a marble chest, the Stradivarius cigar comes in gorgeous individually sealed coffins to ensure humidity. General Cigar is so confident in this product, that they sent a representative to, as well as most of their retailers, to inspect each coffin to make sure the seal was intact. The attention to detail that Nunez has done for this cigar is extraordinary and the slogan that Nunez has made for the Stradivarius cigar is, “...Indulgence has its price. And its pleasure. The makers of Stradivarius apologize for neither.”

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