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Zippo lighters are one of the most popular and iconic lighters in the industry. This legendary brand has celebrated nearly eight decades in the business full of achievements and milestones. Thousands of unique styles and designs have been made over the years setting Zippo above the rest.

Zippo lighters first became popular in the United States military during World War II. During the war Zippo halted production of lighters and instead dedicated their time to manufacturing goods for the United States military. Known for their durability, Zippo lighters are windproof and are able to withstand harsh weather. Because of their longevity and reliability in cold weather Zippo lighters also became popular with backpackers, members of the military and outdoors-men.

Zippo lighters are typically made of metal and are rectangular with a hinged top making it easier to light cigars. These lighters are among the elite in the lighter market and make only high quality, superior products.

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