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New Cigars 11.23.15.

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New Cigars 11.23.15.

Did I mention that it gets stupid-busy here around the holidays? I’m taking a quick break from preparing our Black Friday blitz to get you up to speed with this week’s New Cigars. This first one would make a mighty fine chaser for your Turkey Day pig-out:   Viaje Collaboration 2015 The very first Dominican-made […]

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BCP Cigar Reviews: Perdomo Craft Series – Pilsner (video)

In this review Brian takes a look at the Perdomo Craft Series Pilsner Cigar. Find more of the Perdomo Craft Series here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/perdomo-special-craft-series-cigars/

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perdomo stout

BCP Cigar Reviews: Perdomo Craft Series – Stout (video)

In this video, Brian reviews the Perdomo Craft Series Stout Cigar. Find the Stout and all the other entries in the Perdomo Craft Series here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/perdomo-special-craft-series-cigars/

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New Cigars 11.16.15.

In the weeks leading up to the holidays it always gets pretty crazy here @ BCP, and the annual madness has begun. Amidst the chaos we managed to introduce some excellent new cigar lines, as well as some sweet new gift sets from a certain ex-Hollywood lawyer that may help you cross off a couple […]

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padron damaso cigar 3

Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Padron Damaso

Padron Damaso No. 12 (5×50) W: Connecticut-seed B: Nicaragua F: Nicaragua Factory: Tabacos Cubanica S.A.   Famous for its ultra-premium cigars that are made with nothing short of the stuff of legend, Padron has finally decided to offer its loyal smokers a milder-bodied smoke. This new blend is named after Jose Padron’s grandfather, who was the […]

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BCP Cigar Reviews: Perdomo Craft Series – Amber (video)

In this review, Brian takes a look at the Perdomo Craft Series – Amber Cigar. Find all of the Perdomo Craft Series here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/perdomo-special-craft-series-cigars/

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J. Fuego Cigar Co. – HEAT (video)

Jesus Fuego of J. Fuego Cigar Co. took a few minutes to talk to us about the HEAT by J. Fuego Cigars. Find more all your J. Fuego Cigars here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/j.-fuego-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, everybody. This is Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars. We’re here at Best Cigar Prices talking about our cigar lines. Today we’re going […]

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125gurkha a

Gurkha Cigars: 125th Anniversary (video)

Charlie from Gurkha Cigars took a few minutes to tell us about the much celebrated Gurkha 125th Anniversary cigar. Find the Gurkha 125th Anniversary here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/gurkha-125th-anniversary-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, I’m Charlie Doc Watson with Gurkha Cigars. I wanted to tell you a little bit about the 125th Anniversary. It is a medium-bodied cigar that appeals to both […]

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BCP Cigar Reviews: Dunhill Heritage (video)

In this review, Brian takes a look at the Heritage by Dunhill. Find Dunhill Cigars here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/dunhill-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, this is Brian with Best Cigar Prices and today I’m reviewing the Dunhill Heritage. It features an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. The Heritage is Dunhill’s first full-bodied offering and it […]

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New Cigars 10.30.15.

Happy Halloween, folks! I think we can all agree that there’s nothing scarier than cracking the lid to your humidor to find a bunch of boring old smokes. Luckily, we’ve got nothing to fear when there’s killer New Cigars like these to be had:   Tatuaje Hyde Pete Johnson’s limited edition Monster Series cigar for […]

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BCP Cigar Review: Alec Bradley Sanctum (video)

In this video, Brian reviews the Sanctum by Alec Bradley Cigars. Find the Sanctum here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/sanctum-by-alec-bradley-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, this is Brian with Best Cigar Prices. Today, I’m reviewing the Alec Bradley Sanctum. It features a Honduran wrapper, Costa Rican binder, and fillers from Columbia, Honduras, and Nicaragua. It was blended by Ralph Montero, Executive Vice President […]

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partagas 170 aniversario

Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Partagas 170th Aniversario

Partagas 170th Aniversario Robusto (5×50) W: Kadey, Cameroon B: Habano Connecticut F: Nicaraguan / Dominican Factory: General Cigar Dominicana   Every ten years Partagas fans are treated to a very unique gift. It’s always Cameroon wrapped and this year has been picked from sun-grown, high priming tobacco from the fertile grounds of the Meerapfel family farm […]

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New Cigars 10.21.15.

Are the Greatest Hits in your humidor getting a little played out? Refresh your rotation with these smashing New Cigars –   Sam Leccia Luchador El Gringo: To kick things off, we have a new cigar from industry innovator and Kid Rock-lookalike Sam Leccia. The Leccia Luchador El Gringo is produced at American Caribbean Tobacco […]

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C & C Cigars: Corojo (video)

A hidden gem of the humidor, the C&C Cigars Corojo is a highly rated, yet often overlooked standout just waiting to be smoked. Find them here: C&C Cigars at Best Cigar Prices Transcript: Hey, guys. I’m Rene Castaneda from Orleans Group. I’m here to talk to you today about the C&C Corojo Cigars. The C&C […]

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Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Heritage by Dunhill

Heritage by Dunhill Toro (6×50) W: Ecuadorian Habano (Ligero) B: Jalapa, Nicaragua F: Jamastran, Honduras / Esteli, Nicaragua / Ometepe, Nicaragua Factory: STG, Danli, Honduras If you know anything about Dunhill then you’ve probably noticed they’re not one to crank out a new release year after year. In fact, eons can go by as they […]

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The Rolling Process at La Aurora Cigar Factory (video)

On a recent tour of the La Aurora Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic, we were granted the opportunity to look in on some of their roller’s techniques.

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New Cigars 10.13.15.

Just like a bad penny, I’m back again. The good news is, I’ve brought updates on the best new cigars out there:   Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica 2015 A quick history lesson: The Macanudo brand was launched in Jamaica in 1968 by the Fernando Palicio family, makers of the Cuban Punch brand. Macanudo cigars were […]

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El Centurion H2KCT (video)

Steve from My Father Cigars sheds some light on the newest blend under the El Centurion line, the H2KCT. Order your El Centurion H2KCT here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/el-centurion-cigars/ Transcript: My name is Steve Royston, I’m the Northeast Territory Sales Manager for My Father Cigars and today I’m here to talk to you a little bit about our brand […]

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Asylum 13 Cigars with Tom Lazuka (video)

Tom Lazuka of Asylum Cigars took a few minutes to tell us about the widely successful Asylum 13 cigar line.   Transcript: Hi, I’m Tom Lazuka, co-founder of Asylum Cigars. I’m here to talk to you today about our number one selling product, which is the Asylum 13. We launched this cigar about two years […]

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New Cigars 10.2.15.

Consider yourself lucky – Lightning strikes Earth about 8 million times a day, and it hasn’t hit you yet. How does that relate to cigars? It doesn’t. But this does:   La Boheme Encantador This week brings yet more good vibrations from Rafael Nodal & co. A high-end offering to awaken your inner fancy-pants, the […]

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777 by J. Fuego Cigars (video)

Jesus Fuego of J. Fuego Cigars introduces the 777. Find the 777 here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/777-by-j-fuego-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, my friends. This is Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars. We’re here at BestCigarPrices.com talking about our line of cigars. In this moment we’re going to talk about the 777 Zero. The 777 is one project that complements very well […]

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sangre de toro a

Sangre de Toro by J. Fuego Cigars (video)

A bit of a passion project from Jesus Fuego, the Sangre de Toro was the cigar he always wanted in his lineup and now you can have it in your humidor. Find the Sangre de Toro here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/j.-fuego-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, everybody. Jesus Fuego here with J. Fuego Cigars for CigarPrices.com, and today we’re discussing and we’re […]

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New Cigars 9.24.15.

“Great things like this only happen for the first time once.” – Gary Busey   A very fitting quote for this week’s New Cigars. Check em’ out:   Swag Brown Connecticut Our pal Rafael’s latest Swag creation was all anybody could talk about on Friday when we first unpacked the Swag Brown Connecticut. The cigar’s […]

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Cigar Pairings with My Father Cigars (video)

It’s the question with no wrong answer. Steve from My Father Cigars took a few minutes to tell us about his personal preference when it comes to pairing cigars with drinks. Curious to try some Pepin pairings yourself? Pick up some My Father Cigars here:My Father Cigars Transcript: My name is Steve Royston. I’m the […]

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New Cigars 9.17.15.

Okay gang, gather ‘round and get comfy. Your old Uncle J’s got lots of nice new smokes to tell you about this week: Alan Rubin’s new baby – Tempus Nicaragua by Alec Bradley: The Alec Bradley Tempus family of cigars has grown once again with the introduction of the Tempus Nicaragua. A Nicaraguan puro comprised of a Nicaraguan Jalapa […]

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montecristo white vintage connecticut

Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut (50 x 6 1/4) W: 2008 Connecticut, United States, Shade Grown B: Nicaraguan F: Nicaraguan, Dominican, Peruvian Factory: Tabacalera de Garcia If you love the Montecristo White Series but could never quite get enough, listen up. Altadis rummaged around one of their very own farms in the Connecticut River Valley and […]

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New Cigars 9.10.15.

It’s been a good week, friends. Just like jolly Old Saint Nick, the UPS man showed up right on time to deliver the goods yet again. Dig it:     Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut: Dressed to kill in a gorgeous 2008 Connecticut Shade wrapper, the Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut combines tobaccos from Nicaragua, Peru, and […]

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Swag Cigars by Boutique Blends (video)

Rafael Nodal, of Boutique Blends Cigars, took a few minutes to talk to us about his Swag Cigars line. Find Swag Cigars here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/swag-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, I’m Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blends Cigars and I’m here with my good friends of Best Cigar Prices. They asked me to talk a little bit about my Swag Cigars […]

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Alejandro Turrent on Curing Tobacco and Blending Cigars (video)

Alejandro Turrent of Casa Turrent Cigars took a few minutes to tell us about the curing process for Casa Turrent Cigars and the many years of experimentation it took to get the process right. Also, he explains some of the criteria of what he looks for in a blend. Find more interesting articles like this […]

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New Cigars 9.2.15.

Greetings, Smoke People. I come bearing great news – we’ve just unpacked a $#!*load of excellent new cigars that landed on our loading dock over the past week. Here’s the skinny:   Avo Syncro Nicaragua: You might want to break out the cedar spills and smoking jacket, because Avo has unleashed another classy creation to […]

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Aging Cigars with Nimish Desai (video)

Nimish Desai of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars shares with us some insight into how to age your cigars. Find your Rocky Patel Cigars to age here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/rocky-patel-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, my name is Nimish Desai with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. People always ask me, “How do you age your cigars?” And I always tell them it all […]

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perdomo cigar beer craft series pairing

Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Perdomo Special Craft Series

        Attention hop heads and barley brothers; the wait is over. As promised, Tabacalera Perdomo has put the finishing touches on it’s latest creation and released it into the wild. The Perdomo Special Craft Series has arrived. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to pairing your premium sticks […]

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6 Cigar Tips

6 Cigar Tips For Your Special Occasion

A good cigar can be the perfect compliment to your wedding, anniversary, bachelor party, or business event, but how does one go about selecting the right smokes for such an occasion? Here are some tips on making sure that your party is a smoky success:   #1- Adult Supervision Is Required No matter what cigars you […]

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New Cigars 8.26.15.

Hey everybody, I know you’ve all been busy milking the remaining days of summer by basking in the sun with some good smokes. Nicely done. We’ve just received the first wave of new cigars from this year’s IPCPR trade show and there is much goodness to be had, folks. I figured I’d butt in to […]

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Rene Castaneda on Cigar Pairings with Rum

Rene Castaneda of Orleans Group knows a thing or two about pairing cigars with rum and in this video he’s kind enough to share that wisdom with us. Find some excellent cigars to pair here: BestCigarPrices.com Transcript: Hey, guys. I’m Rene from Orleans Group. We’re talking cigars today, and we’re talking about pairings with cigars […]

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Avo Domaine (video)

Scott Collisare of Avo Cigars took some time to tell us about the history and flavor profile of the Avo Domaine. Find Avo Domaine Cigars hère: Avo Domaine Transcript: Hi everyone. My name is Scott Kolesaire and I’m the Avo brand manager. I wanted to take another minute to talk about Avo Domaine cigars. A […]

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alec bradley sanctum 2

Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Alec Bradley Sanctum

Alec Bradley Sanctum Robusto (5×52)   W: Honduran Corojo B: Costa Rican F: Colombian, Honduran, Nicaraguan   Factory: Tobaccos de Oriente, Danli, Honduras   Blended by Alec Bradley executive vice-president Ralph Montero, this newest addition to their family might be the best yet. The leaves within cover a 4 nation spread, giving the flavor profile […]

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J. Fuego Cigars: Connoisseur (video)

Jesus Fuego of J. Fuego Cigars took a few minutes to talk to us about the Connoisseur. Find the Connoisseur and other offerings from J. Fuego Cigars here: J. Fuego Cigars Transcript: Hi everybody, this is Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars. I’m here to talk about our Connoisseur. It is one of our premium lines. […]

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The 7 Best Smokes When You Only Have 30 Minutes

The 7 Best Smokes When You Only Have 30 Minutes

  As you wipe the sweat from your brow and catch your breath, you curse their name. By some miracle you’ve found this small pocket of the world to enjoy yourself in peace, albeit briefly. The wind dies down as you pull out your lighter. You look over your shoulder, confident that you’ve lost them […]

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gershel farms tractor

Altadis USA Connecticut Farm Tour 2015 (video)

During July of 2015, while Altadis USA was harvesting and curing their tobacco at Gershel Farms in Connecticut, they invited us out for a tour of their facilities. From the planting of the seeds to the curing of the leaves, we were shown what goes into the process of making some of the most celebrated […]

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9 cigar terms

9 Terms That Will Have You Speaking Cigar in 5 Minutes

  If you’re not hip to the lingo then here’s your chance to load up your brain with some savvy cigar slang. While it might sound like code to all those deprived non-smokers, your fellow brothers and sisters of the leaf will understand.   Herf – Used both as a noun and a verb, a […]

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wicked indies pic

Gurkha Cigars: Wicked Indie (video)

Charlie, of Gurkha Cigars, took a few minutes to talk to us about the Wicked Indie by Gurkha Cigars. Find this and many other Gurkha Cigars here: https://www.bestcigarprices.com/gurkha-wicked-indie-cigars/ Transcript: Hi, Charlie Doc Watson with Gurkha Cigars. I wanted to speak to you today about Wicked Indie from East India Trading Corporation from Gurkha Cigars. It is […]

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The Rising Wave of Pairing Cigars With Beer

  Put down that bourbon. Leave that scotch alone. Skip the trip to Starbucks. There’s a new sheriff in town and be careful because he’s full of hops and barley. He doesn’t always mix as easily with his tobacco cohorts as his predecessors, but when he does it’s an experience to behold. Cigar smokers are […]

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field guide

Best Cigar Prices Field Guide to Maduro Wrappers

Best Cigar Prices Field Guide to Maduro Wrappers Any time we ask our customers on social media what their preferred wrapper shade is, the results are the same: it’s maduro by a landslide. More and more smokers are crossing over to the dark side these days, and it comes as no surprise. Maduros can be […]

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Tasting Tips with Tom Lazuka of Asylum Cigars (video)

Tom Lazuka, co-founder of Asylum Cigars, shares with us some Tasting Tips for better enjoying cigars. Transcript: Hi, my name is Tom Lazuka. I’m the co-founder of the Asylum Cigars. One of the common questions we get is kind of about tasting cigars. “How do you taste all those subtle notes that you would get, […]

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duality cigar review 3

Smoke Notes Cigar Reviews: Duality

Duality Robusto (5×52) W: San Andres Maduro, Ecuadorian Connecticut B: Criollo ’98 F: Criollo ’98, Piloto Cubano Factory: Tabacalera Palma, Santiago, Dominican Republic After long, anxiety-filled anticipation, our newest, exclusive brand finally arrived this week on the shores of the Best Cigar Prices loading dock. After clearing away the packing peanuts and customs forms, the crates gave way to beautiful, two-toned […]

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Jesus Fuego on Cigar Pairings (video)

Jesus Fuego of J.Fuego Cigars shares with us his preferences for what he likes to pair with his cigars. Transcript: Hi, everybody, this is Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars. We’re here at BestCigarPrices.com, and we’re going to briefly talk about a subject that I get comments and questions all over the place about what […]

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Mold vs Plume with Nimish Desai (video)

Nimish Desai of Rocky Patel Cigars shares with us some tips on how to tell the difference between Plume and Mold on a cigar. Transcript: Hi, my name is Nimish Desai. I’m with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. People always ask me, “What is the difference between plume and mold?” And I always tell them it’s […]

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6 Major Cigar Mistakes

6 Major Cigar Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Whether you don’t want to look like a novice or just want to lay down the law on your fellow smokers, here are some common bad practices that go by unnoticed too often. 1. Removing the Band Prematurely This seems like a natural thing to do for most novice smokers. You might get lucky and […]

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camacho_barrel aged smoke

Smoke Notes Cigar Review: Camacho American Barrel-Aged Robusto

Camacho American Barrel-Aged Robusto (5×50) W: Pennsylvania Broadleaf B: American Broadleaf F: American Broadleaf, Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Honduran Corojo Factory: Occidental Cigars, D.R.   The first Camacho core line cigar to be produced in the Dominican Republic, the American Barrel-Aged features a blend made up almost entirely of U.S.-grown tobaccos. The secret ingredient […]

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