J.C. Newman Cigar Company has been known to manufacture such quality cigars as Diamond Crown, Cuesta Rey, Diamond Crown Maximus and La Unica. When we heard about Quorum cigars, a top quality cigar bundled at an extremely affordable price from this cigar family, we were very excited. J.C. Newman Cigar Company was founded in 1895 and has maintained the same quality throughout the years, which is why they remain one of the biggest names in the industry today. Quorum cigars are handmade Nicaraguans offered in various sizes, bundled in quantities of twenty. Cigars that are perfect for the smoker on a shoestring budget, Quorum excels at what it’s intended to do.

Of course we were somewhat skeptical when these cigars debuted, because at such a low cost, we weren’t expecting anything revolutionary. Boy, were we surprised. When our in-house aficionados tasted these cigars, they were shocked at the price. Their opinion was backed by Smoke Magazine, who gave Quorum cigars an amazing 9.2 rating in their Spring, 2007 issue. These cigars could easily be sold for three to four dollars a stick and nobody would complain. For the medium bodied smoker who enjoys a nice everyday smoke and doesn’t want to break the bank, this cigar is for you. The beautiful thing about a Quorum cigar is that it’s the perfect cigar for every day smoking, but it allows you to splurge on higher end cigars for special occasions.

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