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Flavored Cigars - vanilla, Maker's Mark, and more

BestCigarPrices.com has a wide assortment of the best flavored cigars so you can get the most out of your cigar experience. When most people think of flavored cigars they picture small tobacco trimmings soaked in a cherry or vanilla flavored "brine" and covered in a sugar soaked wrapper leaf. While this can be an accurate description of lesser-known flavored cigar brands, leading brands such as C.A.O. Flavors, Makers Mark and Al Capone cigars have recently entered the "flavored family," and flavored cigars are becoming a fast growing segment of the cigar industry.

Our flavored cigars are infused with a large variety of delectable flavors including mint, chocolate, blackberry, rum, honey and vanilla flavored cigars. Even if it's not your everyday preference, why not try one of our exquisite flavored cigars, or give it another try if your first experience wasn't great? You may actually be impressed, and find a nice change of pace along the way.

Using new technologies within the curing process, the bar of quality for flavored cigars has been raised to new heights. Check out our featured picks for the best flavored cigars below (including many delectable vanilla flavored cigars), or explore all 36 brands of cigars in this category.

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