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Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars are some of the rarest, most sought after cigars in the world. Heavy in demand and short in production, Opus X cigars reputation for excellence precedes them, making them one of the most-requested super-premium cigar brands in our (or any) humidor. A smooth and vibrant Rosado wrapper leaf grown on Fuente's organic tobacco farm, Chateau de la Fuente, gives Opus X its alluring look. Beneath this silky leaf, only the finest vintage, Dominican-grown, Cuban-seed tobaccos are balanced as binder and filler. Available in a plethora of unique shapes and sizes, many of them highly limited in availability, Opus X cigars remain unmatched in taste, quality, and desirability among connoisseurs. Get your Opus X cigars, including Fuente Fuente, Perfecxion X, and Opus X 77 Shark, delivered fast and fresh at a great price from Best Cigar Prices.


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Opus X / Opus X Cigars

More About Opus X Cigars

Opus X cigars wear a silky Rosado wrapper leaf that is grown on Fuente’s organic tobacco plantation, Chateau de la Fuente. Located in a remote region in the Dominican Republic, this tobacco farm is situated in a tropical river valley, which makes for ideal growing conditions. In the early 1990's, when the Fuente family began planting their first crop of this exquisite wrapper, there were many skeptics in the cigar industry who thought it couldn’t be done. There had been many previous attempts to grow such a wrapper in the Dominican Republic, and all had failed. The Fuente family knew what they were doing, and they achieved the impossible. The original name for the tobacco crop was Project X, and the Fuente family chose the word Opus to describe the unique Dominican wrapper. The word opus resonated with Carlos Fuente Jr. because he stated that, “...the word ‘opus’- meaning creative work, masterpiece, a work of a lifetime. It was perfect.”

There are a plethora of different shapes and sizes of Opus X cigars that were produced in limited quantities that have become highly collectible. One example of this is the Opus X Dan Marino Football Cigar, a astounding 6 x 160 (yes, 160) cigar that is shaped like a football, with laces and all. The Sammy Sosa Baseball Bat cigar is shaped like a baseball bat, and Opus X has also made a variety of culebra (which means snake in Spanish) cigars, as well as various cigars for celebrities such as the Opus X Trump Tower (for Donald Trump) and the Opus X Crowning Glory (for Pope John Paul II.)

Opus X cigars are medium-full bodied cigars, and although strong, are never overpowering. They are very smooth cigars that can be described as having tones of spice, but an overall creaminess to them. At Best Cigar Prices.com we do indeed carry the full line of Opus X cigars but, as you know, they are extremely rare and can be very hard to find. We do our best to get our hands on any box of Opus X that we can. We encourage you to place your order for any particular Opus X that you desire, by calling us toll free at 1-888-41-CIGAR and speaking to any one of our friendly and knowledgeable aficionados. You’ll always find Opus X cigars in stock and ready to ship at Best Cigar Prices.