Tatiana Flavored

Tatiana cigars are some of the best selling flavored cigars in the world. Made with premium tobacco leaves and rich flavoring ingredients, these are the first choice for countless fans of flavored smokes. When a customer calls us and asks for an affordable cigar that is full of unique flavor and aroma, Tatiana cigars are often the first ones to come to mind.

Make no mistake about it, these cigars are flavored. Too often we find ourselves looking for a special flavored cigar that has a beautiful aroma and taste, only to be disappointed once we light up. This is not the case with Tatiana cigars. These cigars explode with flavor and never let up, and are perfect for the aficionado looking for something different or for a new smoker looking to start on an easy smoke. We at BestCigarPrices.com also find that Tatiana cigars are among our best selling gift items for new smokers.Tatiana cigars are made using only the highest quality tobacco leaves. These stogies employ Indonesian Sumatra wrappers and Dominican binders, along with Dominican filler leaves, for a mild-bodied blend that doesn’t overpower the cigar’s flavoring.

Available in several different sizes and a countless array of flavors including Amaretto, Cappuccino, Caramel, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Cognac, Honey, Mandarin Orange, Rum, Tropical, Vanilla, these are the go-to smoke for flavored smokers everywhere.Even more complex than the original is the Tatiana Trio Collection. These cigars are available in many of the same sizes as the originals, but feature new and exciting flavor combinations. Groovy Blue, for example, combines raspberry, vanilla, honey and cognac extracts to create a sweet, delicious cigar that produces a beautiful aroma. The Waking Dream combines vanilla creme with hazelnut and single malt whiskey to create the perfect flavored evening cigar. Finally, Night Cap is flavored with coffee and hints of cocoa and almond for the perfect sweet dessert smoke.

The newest offering from Tatiana is the Tatiana Mocha cigar, which is flavored with cocoa, vanilla, and specially selected coffee. These stogies are made in Danli, Honduras with extra-dark Indonesian Sumatra wrapper leaves, Honduran binders, and fillers from Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. These are the strongest smokes in Tatiana’s lineup, staying around medium-to-full-bodied. For fans of stronger cigars who occasionally crave a flavored alternative, Tatiana Mocha cigars are not to be missed.

Tatiana Cigars are undoubtedly the forerunners of the flavored cigar industry. They are very affordable, making them ideal for the everyday smoker, and the huge variety of flavors allows Tatiana cigars to reach out to beginners and seasoned smokers alike. BestCigarPrices is committed to offering Tatiana to you at the lowest possible price. We cater to you, and after our customers have constantly told us how much they enjoy these cigars, we’ve kept them in-stock for the same incredibly low prices. Give us a call at 1-888-412-4427 and begin your love affair with Tatiana Cigars.

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