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Tatiana Flavored Cigars

Tatiana cigars are some of the best-selling flavored cigars in the world. Made with premium tobacco leaves seasoned with rich flavoring ingredients and available in a variety of sizes and styles, Tatiana cigars are the first choice for countless fans of fine flavored smokes. When a customer calls us and asks for an affordable cigar that is full of unique flavor and aroma, Tatiana flavored cigars are often the first to come to mind.

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Tatiana Dolce Amaretto
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Tatiana Dolce Mandarin
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Tatiana Dolce Rum
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Tatiana Dolce Vanilla
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Tatiana Flavored / Tatiana Flavored Cigars

More About Tatiana Flavored Cigars

Tatiana Cigars -

Each of the Tatiana flavored cigars is handmade in the Dominican Republic using a smooth blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos blanketed in a carefully-selected Indonesian wrapper. This mellow blend is perfect for capturing the rich essence of Tatiana’s exciting flavor infusions. Without this essential tobacco recipe, the world would never know the amazing taste of Tatiana Groovy Blue, Mocha, Vanilla, or any of Tatiana’s other celebrated blends.

Tatiana Cigars Flavor Key:

Tatiana Vanilla -

Tatiana Vanilla is a creamy smoke with awesome vanilla flavor and aroma, and is the best-selling of all our Tatiana cigars.

Tatiana Cherry -

Tatiana cigars Cherry blend is mild and silky with sweet flavor and an aroma of freshly picked cherries.

Tatiana Chocolate -

Tatiana Chocolate delivers smooth tobacco taste with hints of creamy milk chocolate.

Tatiana Cognac -

Tatiana Cognac brings you the taste of Top-shelf Cognac with hints of almond and caramel for a wonderfully flavorful and well-rounded smoke.

Tatiana Honey -

Tatiana Honey is pleasingly aromatic with the taste of sweet, tangy honey.

Tatiana Rum -

Tatiana Rum is a mild smoke with savory Rum taste, complete with spice and molasses notes.

Tatiana Waking Dream -

Tatiana Waking Dream is flavored with vanilla crème, Piedmont hazelnuts and single malt whiskey, making it the perfect sweet after-dinner smoke.

Tatiana Sweet Euphoria -

Tatiana Sweet Euphoria is a unique and aromatic blend infused with essences of German chocolate, Acacia honey, and sweet fruit.

Tatiana Night Cap -

Tatiana Night Cap was blended with coffee drinkers in mind. Each is flavored with vanilla, Marcona almonds, Arabica coffee, and rare Criollo cocoa.

Tatiana Fusion Frenzy

Tatiana Fusion Frenzy is a one-of-a-kind aromatic infused cigar seasoned with rich essences of cognac, Madagascar vanilla, passion fruit, and sweet, natural fruit flavors.

Tatiana Groovy Blue

Tatiana Groovy Blue is a complex, candy-sweet smoke that’s perfect for any time of the day. Each is flavored with Black Amboise raspberries, vanilla, acacia honey, and cognac extracts.

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