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Drew Estate cigars are the most broadly diverse cigars in our humidor. The Drew Estate brand's innovative blending style and knack for inventive branding concepts have helped them stand way out from the pack. Unmatched blends like the uniquely-infused Acid cigars and the boldly traditional Liga Privada line have earned Drew Estate quite a healthy cult following, with legions of fans always anxiously awaiting the next brilliant Drew Estate creation.

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Drew Estate / Drew Estate Cigars

More About Drew Estate Cigars

Drew Estate's “Rebirth of Cigars” started in 1998 when Jonathan Drew moved to Esteli, Nicaragua with nothing but a fistful of cash and a passion for fine tobacco. His partner Marvin Samel held down the fort in NYC, operating out of a warehouse office in Brooklyn. The duo were struggling financially, but refused to give up on their vision of re-inventing cigars for the modern smoker and were determined to “go all in” and do things their way.

The company finally found success, first with the La Vieja Habana cigar line in 1998, followed by the shockingly unique ACID line in 1999. The next few years saw rapid growth for Jonathan and co. with the introduction of the Natural and Ambrosia cigar lines, among others. The company’s unprecedented recipe of matching unique cigar blends with “new-school” branding and packaging was a major hit with post-Cigar Boom aficionados.

Drew Estate moved their office from New York to Miami in 2004, and in July of 2007, La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Esteli, Nicaragua opened its doors. Truly a sight to behold, at over 96,000 sq. feet, La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate is the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua and one of the five largest premium cigar factories in the world.

The ever-growing line of products in Drew Estate`s roster is one of the most unique in the industry, from the outrageous Acid line of infused cigars to the more traditional Chateau Real. Drew Estate never artificially ages or colors their wrapper leaves; the company combines a deep-rooted tradition of quality cigar manufacturing with some very non-traditional flavors and infusions.

The process by which they infuse their flavored cigars is patented by them, and is such a well-kept secret that nobody is allowed to see it all happen unless they work for the company. Drew Estate also holds the patent for the ``Wafe`` vitola, a peculiar looking flat box-press that delivers smoke in a way that was previously unimaginable.

In recent years Drew Estate’s rabid fan base has grown right along with their stable of unparalleled premium cigars. Fan-favorites like the coffee-seasoned Tabak Especial, Liga Privada and Undercrown, Dirty Rat, My Uzi Weighs a Ton, Nica Rustica, and the hickory smoke flavored Kentucky Fire Cured have become best-sellers at Best Cigar Prices. Whether you're looking for a delicious infused cigar, or a more traditional cigar that stands out from the crowd, Drew Estate has something special to please any palate.