Punch Cigars

Punch Cigars has been a leading premium brand since it was first imported from Honduras in 1969. You can take this brand name literally, as all Punch cigars provides a hearty blast of rich flavor right to the kisser. Boasting full-bodied character in a variety of styles and wrapper shades, Punch cigars have expanded their portfolio over the years to include a range of strength levels and unique tasting profiles to suit the seasoned palate. For knock-out taste that pulls no.......well, you get the drift.

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More About Punch Cigars

Here's an overview of our most popular Punch Cigars:

Punch Cigars Original

The classic Punch cigars have been a staple in the humidors of serious smokers since making their debut way back in 1969. Comprised of the finest Ecuadorian wrapper leaves over an ultra-rich blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, these original Punch cigars bring big, bold taste in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to match any smoker's preference. One of our customer-favorites here at BCP, the Punch Champion cigar received a 91 rating from Cigar Insider.

Punch Signature

With a "throwback" look and band design featuring the cantankerous Mr. Punch himself, Punch Signature cigars are classic Punch cigar for today's educated aficionado. Inspired by the original Punch cigars made famous in the 1800's, the Signature mixes tradition with modern taste via a specially-harvested Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper leaf around choice Nicaraguan and Dominican interior tobaccos. Strong, savory, and unapologetically tasty, Punch Signature is destined to become a mainstay in the humidors of those who like ‘em bold.

Punch Rare Corojo

Punch Rare Corojo was originally introduced as a limited edition cigar, but the demand for these full-flavored firecrackers was so high that cigar master Frank Llaneza decided to expand the line to be an annual small-batch release. Handmade from extra rich, dark Sumatra wrapper leaves and a bold blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos, Punch Rare Corojo provides a hearty kick of spicy, savory flavor that has our customers eagerly anticipating its release each year.

Punch Gran Puro

Punch Gran Puro is an all-Honduran blend showcasing a bold Havana-seed wrapper cultivated in the San Agustin Valley of Honduras. A little bit sweet, more than a little bit spicy, and as rich as they come, Punch Gran Puro is a perfectly well-rounded cigar that's impossible to imitate.

Punch Gran Cru

Often called "the pride of the Punch line," as well as "the silkiest of Hondurans", Punch Grand Cru owes much of its smooth-smoking qualities to its elegant Connecticut Shade wrapper and its unique blend of super-premium Honduran tobaccos. In addition, the Maduro versions of Punch Grand Cru are made with the darkest and most flavorful Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers for a chocolaty and earthy taste. Punch Grand Cru is a cigar to savor when you can take the time to give it your undivided attention and appreciation.

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