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Tabak Especial Cigars

Tabak Especial cigars are made from rich Nicaraguan tobaccos, infused with Nicaraguan Selva Negra coffee for a unique dose of satisfying flavor. Available in Dulce (Natural,) or Negra (Maduro,) most sizes are also rolled with a shaggy foot for easy lighting and eye-catching presentation. If you like your coffee light and sweet, try the Dulce for a creamy, smooth smoke. On the other hand, if you take it black, try the Negra for a slightly bolder taste with a bit more chocolate and spice in the mix. Both delicious blends sport the same excellent construction and flawless burn that Drew Estate`s cigars are famous for.

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More About Tabak Especial Cigars

Tabak Especial Cigars are premium, coffee-infused smokes from the mad scientist blenders at Drew Estate, makers of Acid and Liga Privada cigars. These ingenious creations combine two of life’s greatest pleasures: coffee and cigars, to create a flavorful and satisfying smoking experience like none other.

What separates the Tabak Especial cigar from others of its ilk is its unique infusion. Each Tabak Especial cigar is crafted using rich Nicaraguan tobaccos that undergo a secret process that infuses them with the essence of real Nicaraguan Selva Negra coffee. There’s no artificial flavors or chemicals in these smoky breakfast treats, only the real deal. Few would dispute that Tabak Especial cigars are the ultimate cigar for the coffee-loving aficionado, in both tasty varieties:

Tabak Especial Dulce

The Tabak Especial Dulce features a Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf for a creamy smoke that will appeal to those who like their coffee light and sweet. These easygoing smokes convey bold coffee taste with ultra-smooth delivery and a lasting, sweet finish.

Tabak Especial Negra

The Tabak Especial Negra features a rich maduro wrapper leaf designed to tap into the taste buds of fans of darker roasts. These savory sticks carry the same authentic coffee taste of the Dulce, with just a bit more cocoa and mild spice in the mix.

We invite you to experience Tabak Especial at the lowest prices online here at Best Cigar Prices. Whether you light one up with your morning cup o’ joe, or for a bit of after-dinner relaxation, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with the one-of-a-kind taste of Tabak Especial cigars.