Tabak Especial

Coffee and tobacco are two flavors that were meant to be together, and Drew Estate is no stranger to this combination. Having already collaborated with Rocky Patel to create the successful Java line, Drew Estate decided to take matters into their own hands to create Tabak Especial cigars. A slightly milder version of the aforementioned Java, these cigars come in Dulce (Natural) or Negra (Maduro), and are made from rich, flavorful Nicaraguan tobaccos and infused with Nicaraguan Selva Negra coffee for a rich and unique flavor. Several sizes are also rolled with a ``shaggy foot`` for easy lighting and eye-catching presentation.

If you like your coffee light and sweet, try the Dulce for a creamy, smooth smoke. On the other hand, if you take it black, try the Negra for a slightly bolder taste with a bit more chocolate and spice in the mix. Each variety sports the same excellent construction and flawless burn that Drew Estate`s cigars are famous for. Drew Estate has been producing quality smokes since Jonathan Drew moved to Esteli, Nicaragua in 1998 with nothing but a fistful of cash and a passion for fine tobacco. The company has yet to put out a disappointing smoke, so Tabak Especial cigars are a welcome addition to their already fantastic lineup.

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