H. Upmann Grand Exhibition

Cigars have been showcased at World’s Fair Exhibitions dating back to the 1800s. Commonly featured in the agricultural exhibits of various nations, these displays often gave the public their first look at real tobacco leaves, demonstrated the care and expertise involved in crafting fine cigars, and were even judged and awarded medals based on quality and workmanship. Indeed, the same passion and pride of cigar making that we know today was in full force at these international conventions held hundreds of years ago. Paying tribute to the historic presence of cigars at the World’s Fair, The Grand Exhibition cigar line presents opulent blends from some of the most well known and respected brands in the world - all of which were once celebrated at World’s Fairs. The celebration now continues in your humidor with the introduction of the world-class flavor of Grand Exhibition cigars. Offering a wonderful earthy taste reminiscent of the old Havanas, the H. Upmann Grand Exhibition recalls the classic hearty character of the brand’s original offerings. With creamy earth tones, rich leather, and crisp wood emerging during the course of its slow burn, this bold, medium-bodied puro serves up satisfying and multidimensional flavor with old-world charm. It’s an ageless pleasure that only gets better with time. Treat yourself now to the vibrant vintage spirit of the H. Upmann Grand Exhibition cigar.

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H. Upmann Grand Exhibition / H. Upmann Grand Exhibition Cigars