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Exclusive Brands and Cigars is proud to carry a selection of exclusive premium cigars from top-name manufacturers like Rocky Patel, Alec Bradley, Perdomo, and Habana Cuba. Our exclusive cigars are all handmade to high standards and specifically blended to bring our customers a unique and satisfying smoking experience at an affordable price.

Relajado by General Cigar -

Our latest blend, Relajado by General Cigar (makers of Punch, Macanudo, CAO, and many others) introduces a new kind of smooth to our roster of BCP Exclusive cigars. Hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic using a precise blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan Ligero filler tobaccos beneath a creamy and spicy Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, these slow-burning sticks will take you on a relaxing ride through notes of coffee, caramel, roasted nuts, cedar, butter, and faraway spice, all at a price-point that’s almost as mellow as the smoke itself. Supremely well-balanced, and boasting a straight, maintenance-free burn on every stick, treat yourself to a dose of serene stogie satisfaction with the refined flavor of Relajado cigars.

Oba Oba by Perdomo -

Oba Oba, which translates to " wow wow!" in Spanish, is handmade in the traditional "Cuban Sandwich" style in Nicaragua by the Perdomo cigar company. In either natural or maduro wrapper shades, these value-priced bundles offer a superior smoke for a wallet-friendly price, boasting big flavor and a maintenance-free burn on every stick.

Prodigy by Rocky Patel -

Our exclusive Prodigy by Rocky Patel is a sweetly spicy smoke, with a complex foundation that hints at earth and wood. The pepper will keep you on your toes while the rich tobacco works its magic on your palate. Thanks to this deep and rich flavor profile combined with a flawless burn and draw, we couldn't recommend this one any more highly. Thanks Rocky!

Kensington Connecticut Reserve by Alec Bradley -

Kensington Connecticut Reserve by Alec Bradley is the epitome of a relaxing smoke. Introduced in 2008 and completely re-blended in 2011, these stogies feature silky Connecticut wrappers, Indonesian binders, and aged Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers.These mild-to-medium-bodied, Honduran-made beauties are good enough for any special occasion, but cheap enough to smoke every day. Try some and find out why Kensington cigars have consistently held their spot as one of our most popular exclusives!

Bella Torres by Habana Cuba -

Blended using only the finest Dominican Cuban-seed tobaccos, Bella Torres is a delicious medium bodied smoke sure to please any smoker who craves smooth, robust flavor. Made exclusively for by Habana Cuba, these sticks are creamy, spicy, and toasty with an effortless burn and draw at an unbeatable price.

Bella Torres Nicaraguan Selection by Habana Cuba -

Introduced in 2011, the Nicaraguan Selection is the darker-wrapped counterpart to the original Bella Torres. Slightly sweeter and more full-bodied than its predecessor, the Nicaraguan Selection is a solid choice for smokers with a taste for supremely rich maduro flavor.

Star Insignia by Alec Bradley -

If you're looking for a new super premium cigar that truly delivers in terms of flavor, construction, and presentation, look no further than our exclusive Star Insignia by Alec Bradley. A Nicaraguan wrapper from the Jalapa Valley region as well as a Sumatran binder and Honduran and Nicaraguan filler blend make this a truly tasty smoke, while the addition of a secret filler tobacco brings it to the next level. Featuring ample notes of dark chocolate and sweet cedar with hefty spice character, these complex top-shelf stogies will not disappoint.

Medici by Alec Bradley -

Handmade in Honduras, our exclusive Medici by Alec Bradley is a medium-to-full bodied blend showcasing a high-grade, premium Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Beneath this wrapper is a Costa Rican binder leaf and a four-country filler blend from Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. Featuring a superior burn and draw, as well as endless flavors ranging from cocoa, coffee, and leather to pepper and rich baking spice, the Medici is a true work of cigar art that is not to be missed.

Calderilla -

Calderilla is`s exclusive brand of cigarillos. Perfect for a mild, relaxing 30-minute smoke, Calderillas have been compared to Macanudo Ascots; mild and creamy with notes of coffee, nuts, and a slight peppery finish. Handmade in the Dominican Republic with silky Connecticut wrappers and Dominican filler tobaccos, these small-smokes are sure to satisfy at only .60 a stick!

Tempus Robolo -

BestCigarPrices is proud to present our exclusive line extension of Alec Bradley's best-selling Tempus cigar, the Tempus Robolo. Weighing in at a stout 4 1/2x 60, these full-bodied flavor-bombs are as cool and tasty as they come, boasting big notes of coffee, black pepper, and earth around a toasty, nutty base. For an exceptionally smooth smoke with a flawless burn, you can't go wrong with the Tempus Robolo.

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