Backwoods Cigars

Backwoods cigars are brought to you by Altadis USA, the same company that produces quality machine-made cigars such as Phillies, Hav-A-Tampa, Dutch Masters and Antonio y Cleopatra. Available in a variety of flavors including as Black ‘N Sweet, Sweet Aromatic, and Wild Rum, Backwoods cigars are among the top-selling machine-made cigars on the planet, thanks to their timeless, classic taste and inviting aroma.

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More About Backwoods Cigars

With their rustic look, mild strength, and bold flavor, Backwoods cigars are the everyday smoke of choice for millions of cigar-lovers across the globe. Machine-made using 100% natural tobaccos, Backwoods cigars are a fantastic choice for the smoker on a budget. With Backwoods you can count on great consistency from batch to batch, as well as dynamic flavor at an economical price. As an added bonus, you’ll look like Clint Eastwood in the old westerns with these rugged smokes hanging out of your kisser. Here’s an overview of Backwood’s most popular selections:

Backwoods Original -

The Backwoods Original cigar is the one that started it all. These rich and aromatic smokes sport a rough hand-rolled look and deliver hearty flavor in each puff.

Backwoods Sweet Aromatic -

The aptly-named Backwoods Sweet Aromatic cigars are smooth and mellow with a sweet tobacco taste and fantastic aroma.

Backwoods Honey -

Backwoods Honey cigars strike a perfect balance of sweet honey taste and natural tobacco flavors for an easy-going smoke with satisfying and rich character.

Backwoods Honey Berry -

For the flavored cigar aficionado, Backwoods Honey Berry cigars present an awesomely flavorful smoke at an affordable price. The taste of fresh-picked berries and sweet honey comes through from the time you light up until you set down the nub.

Backwoods Black ‘n Sweet Aromatic -

Backwoods Black ‘n Sweet Aromatic cigars are made using blackened natural tobacco leaves for a dark, sweet taste and enticing aroma. Backwoods Black ‘n Sweet Aromatic is a great choice for those seeking a sweet smoke with supreme smoothness.

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