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Backwoods Cigars

Backwoods Cigars | We will beat any price by $10

Backwoods Cigars are made from all-natural tobaccos manufactured by Altadis U.S.A. in the Dominican Republic. These cigars offer a mellow smoke blending well with the natural flavor from the Connecticut broadleaf wrapper leaf. Experience its taste and aroma in flavors including Sweet Aromatic, Dark Stout, Black ’N Sweet, Russian Cream, and more. Backwoods Cigars are available in cases, packs, and singles measuring 4 1/2-inch in size. Find the lowest prices on cigars at Best Cigar Prices.

Note: Some Backwoods Cigars are currently out of stock nationwide due to an extended delay from the manufacturer. There is no firm date on when we will receive more products from the manufacturer. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and invite you to check out some alternatives to Backwoods Cigars by clicking here.

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More About Backwoods Cigars

Backwoods cigars are ideal as an everyday smoke for all levels of smokers. These cigars are machine-made using 100% natural tobaccos with great consistency in every batch. With an array of flavors, these cigars are trustworthy to satisfy every type of tastebud. The original Backwoods cigar offers a rich, hearty, and aromatic smoke in each puff.

For a more sweet finish, there’s the Backwoods Sweet Aromatic cigar and the Backwoods Honey cigar. Backwoods Honey Berry cigars feature a blend of honey with the taste of fresh-picked berries for those who enjoy fruity flavors. You can still enjoy the aromatic feature Backwoods cigars offer with a blend of richness from the blackened natural tobacco leaves in the Backwoods Black ‘n Sweet Aromatic cigars. This is ideal for smokers who look for a more robust taste.

Experience a smoothness with every smoke no matter what your choice is. Browse our selection of Backwoods cigars that matches your budget.