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Cain's unique blend of triple-fermented straight ligero tobacco provides a level of power that is difficult to achieve. This power, however, is balanced out by the smoothness of the smoke, which is rich with cedar and coffee. The company's website calls Cain`s stogies "high performance cigars," and they certainly live up to this description.

Available in either Nicaraguan Habano or San Andres Maduro wrapper shades, Cain smokes are very well constructed. After all, they are made by the Oliva family, who would settle for nothing less than perfection, as evidenced by their other brands. Their large ring gauges provide a hefty volume of smoke without sacrificing construction. Several Cain cigars were rated highly by many publications; 89 percent from Cigar Aficionado, 90 from Cigar Insider, and 91 from Cigar Snob.

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