ACE Prime Will Soon Self-Distribute as Luciano Cigars

Since 2020, ACE Prime cigars have been distributed by Crowned Heads—the same name behind brands like Four Kicks and Luminosa. However, it appears that era is coming to an end. Beginning on November 1, ACE will be distributing its own products under the name Luciano Cigars.

The name comes from Luciano Meirelles, one of the company’s cofounders. If it sounds a bit familiar already, that may be because there is already a line of cigars from ACE bearing the name: Luciano the Dreamer.

Before you feel too bad for Luciano Cigars going it alone, it’s worth noting who they have on their team. Along with Mr. Meirelles, another one of the company’s co-founders is Tiago Splitter, a former NBA player who is now assistant coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Splitter even had his own cigar produced for ACE’s M.X.S. line.

Together, Meirelles and Splitter also own the majority of the company’s cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Formerly known as D’Hatuey Tabacos S.A., this factory will also be getting a rebrand. Going forward, the facility will simply be called Luciano Cigar Factory.

If you like picking up some sticks from our ACE Prime page before it becomes our Luciano Cigars page, you have until November 2022. After that, we look forward to what Luciano Cigars has to offer.

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