Cigar Ashtrays for Gifting

For those who are struggling to find a great last-minute gift, might I remind you of an always-appreciated and often-overlooked cigar essential – the indispensable cigar ashtray.

Combining form and function, our wide selection of high-quality ashtrays promote tidiness and add sharp looks to any space. Here are a few of our favorites.

Arturo Fuente Journey Through Time Ashtrays

It’s hard to out-class Arturo Fuente, and the Journey Through Time ashtray series is a beautiful and highly functional tribute to the legendary brand’s past, present, and future. Measuring 8 ½’’ in diameter with a 2 ¾’’ high dish, this collectible ashtray accommodates four cigars with room to spare and is adorned with the Fuente family’s promise of “We will never rush the hands of time” in your choice of five different colors.

“The Antisocial” Single Stirrup Ashtray

Produced by the ever-popular and unfortunately-named Stinky Cigar company, “The Antisocial” Single Stirrup Ashtray is about as solid of an option as we can possibly suggest. These lightweight and durable ashtrays are constructed from powder-coated iron, making them both sturdy and easy to clean. A great choice for those who prefer to smoke alone, The Antisocial was designed to accommodate one cigar at a time, measures 5″ diameter x 2 ½” tall, and features a deep ash bowl that allows for lengthy periods between emptying.

Craftsman’s Bench Boca Grande Ashtrays

Crafted to resemble tobacco leaves, complete with veins and natural curves, the best-selling Boca Grande ashtrays are easily the most artistic offerings on this list. Made from tough polyresin, each piece is a beautiful little sculpture in its own right, and it’s within reason that one might opt to display these trays without ever dropping ash in them. However, there’s more than meets the eye to these creative ashtrays – they’re designed to withstand the elements and are great for either indoor or outdoor use in your choice of natural or maduro finishes.

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