Best Cigar Prices Gnome Torch Lighters

Bring the Gnome home this season for a great stocking stuffer.

Equipped with a powerful single jet flame and emblazoned with the classic BCP logo, the Best Cigar Prices Gnome Torch Lighter is simple, snazzy, and durable, bringing you high quality at an affordable price.

Available in a range of attractive finishes, these convenient pocket lighters fit comfortably in the hand and feature a single-action Piezo ignition system for an easy and thorough light, every time. A solid option for everyday use, the convenient Gnome has an especially large fuel tank that allows for long intervals between refills.

Its compact stature, cone-shaped top, and handy fuel adjuster make this little lighter a unique and useful stocking stuffer or small gift, but it’s the price that truly makes it a no-brainer – they’re only $9.99 each, so you might as well grab a couple right here.

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