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The World Series of Poker is almost here!

The Stogie Guys blog is quickly becoming our favorite cigar-related read. Just today they broke the news of a new La Aurora blend that will be introduced at this year’s IPCPR. We also loved yesterday’s post lamenting the fact that one can’t enjoy a cigar outdoors on a nice summer day at the baseball stadium.

In weird and scary cigar news, we have this story of a house fire caused by a man attempting to extinguish his cigar in a pot of soil. Of course, potting soil is full of combustible fertilizer and peat moss, a fact lost on some people. We here at BCP remind you to “keep your butt out of the pot!”

We’ve finally recovered from our Big Smoke boozin’ and smokin’ adventure and are kicking back to check out some trip reports from other folks in the blogosphere. This post in the forum is a great photo recap of an attendee hanging tight with some of the biggest names in the business.

We really enjoyed this Cigar Aficionado article: Cigar Diary: What Gives a Great Cigar Balance? Thanks again to the Aficionado guys for throwing such an awesome shindig at Foxwoods last weekend. We’re watching their home page for an announcement on the New York City Big Smoke.

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention that the World Series of Poker kicks off this Friday in Las Vegas. While we’re bummed we can’t be there, we’ll be watching the action closely. Besides being big poker fans and players, cigars and poker go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s in that spirit that we introduced our World Series of Poker Sampler (pictured above) featuring nine awesome premiums, a double-blade cutter and deck of BCP playing cards for just $37.95. We normally don’t try to sell stuff directly via the blog but we’re real excited about this one. Shuffle up and deal!

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