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Cigar 101

Can You Take Cigars on a Plane? Airline Guide for Cigar Smokers

Air travel may be much safer these days, but it’s a heck of a lot more confusing. It seems like the list of prohibited items changes every day, and arbitrary enforcement breeds doubt over what to bring and what to leave at home. Cigar smokers are particularly challenged by airline security, as the accessories of …

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Top 5 Cigar Deals – Spring 2018

Finally friends, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the glorious, cigar-friendly days of Spring are upon us. In order to make sure you celebrate the official start of Stogie Season properly, we’ve taken the liberty of mapping out the 5 finest bang-for-your-buck cigar deals in the free world for you. And, with …

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Are These The 5 Best Nicaraguan Cigars of All Time?

  It’s a tall order, I know. With plenty of options out there and some people even saying that Nicaraguans are the new Cubans, it would be outright tomfoolery to even attempt such a short, futile, puny little list. But with a keen eye on cigar forums and ratings in magazines, you’ll see that there are …

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Image Awesomeness

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Greetings smoke-fans, and salutations from Drums, PA. As my esteemed colleague Will noted in his last post, we are now up and running in our new state-of-the-art facility in north-eastern Pennsylvania, and I will officially be taking over all blog duties starting, well, now! Continuing in the fine tradition that Will (and others) have established, …

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Image Cigar Rants

The 3 Most Welcome Cigar Trends of 2011

Since this year’s IPCPR trade show, it’s become apparent that there are a few growing trends in the cigar world. Some are obviously more favorable than others (I’m not the biggest fan of the big ring trend, for example, though that’s a pretty huge one), but there are a few big trends in particular that …

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