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May we have your opinion for an iPhone / iPad / Android Cigar app?

We need your help!    We are considering building an iPhone /  iPad and Android device app. We have some ideas already. It’s our goal to make the best Cigar app possible Some concepts that were tossed around in the office (some of these ideas might or might not make it into the first version of …

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Image Cigar Reviews

Cigar Review: E Stunner Siboney by E.P. Carrillo

Earlier this week I asked our Facebook fans which cigar I should break out for our next review and the answer was clear- the majority vote was in favor of E.P. Carrillo‘s recently released E Stunner. The E Stunner, a major departure from Carrillo’s usual style of branding, was inspired by the energy drink craze, …

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Reader Poll – How Do YOU Smoke Your Cigar?

Cigar smoking is as subjective as anything that has to do with personal taste. Almost every smoker I’ve met, whether an aficionado or a casual smoker, has their own preferences in regards to what qualifies as an ideal smoking experience. Everything from the environment in which you smoke, to state of mind, and even the …

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BCP Longest Ash Photo Contest

  Any seasoned cigar smoker knows that a nice thick ash is a tell-tale sign of a quality cigar. Personally, I always keep an eye on my ash while smoking, and I find it kind of entertaining, taking note of how long it gets before finally dropping off. But enough about my ashes, lets talk about yours. Starting today we will be accepting entries …

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Image Behind-The-Scenes

Cigarts and Crafts: Cigar Band Collection

I still don’t know exactly why yet, but ever since the first time I lit up a cigar (and presumably got sick as hell from it), I’ve been saving all of my cigar bands. The collection started with a small cereal bowl, moved up to a Ziploc bag, graduated to a quart-sized plastic container, and …

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