At-Home Smoke Tips Part 1 – “Go BIG”

As many of us find ourselves with a bit of extra time on our hands due to social distancing, our favorite cigars prove to be more “essential” than ever. But, after a couple of weeks, even the greatest of cigar selections can start to feel a bit mundane.

To help you mix things up and keep your stogie routine interesting whilst stationary, we’ve whipped up some suggestions for optimizing your extra at-home smoke time.

Bigger Is Better

Never has there been a more fitting time to light up a long-lasting cigar. You might even want to try your hand at completing a smoke that you usually wouldn’t have time for in a single sitting. The most extreme application of this idea, of course, would be to light up Tabacalera El Artista’s intimidating Exactus.

Super Coloso - Exactus Cigars
Exactus Super Coloso cigar

Measuring in at a hulking 11×90, the Exactus Super Coloso is the largest ring gauge cigar in our humidor by a wide margin. This medium-bodied anomaly of the cigar world is hand-rolled in small batches using real-deal, premium Dominican tobaccos, so don’t mistake it for a novelty cigar. Despite its absurd size, the Exactus delivers sweet, creamy, and woody flavor that’s certainly no joke.

This giant stogie is known to burn for as long as up to four and a half hours (!), making it an ideal choice for one of those lengthy video herfs that have become so popular these days. Just be sure to frame yourself while broadcasting so the damn thing fits on the screen.

If you’re not into the virtual herfing, you may want to take the Exactus on as a personal challenge. Light it up, time yourself, get some pics to document the occasion, and see if you can take the monster down.

When attempting to tackle a cigar of this stature, it’s recommended that you keep plenty of liquid refreshment at hand and smoke on a full stomach. Heck, since you’ll likely be spending four hours or more smoking, you might even consider snacking during your Exactus experience.   

Available in your choice of Connecticut or Maduro wrappers, the mighty Exactus may not fit in your humidor but it’s sure to shake things up a bit. Get yours here.

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