CAO 60 Torque Cigars

Following in the footsteps of the brand’s popular Flathead series, the limited edition CAO 60 Torque offers revved-up richness in a massive 8 x 60 vitola.

CAO 60 Torque L.E. cigars

Fueled by a blend of rich Nicaraguan tobaccos under a heavy duty Honduran wrapper leaf, the 60 Torque takes you on a smooth, fast-paced flavor cruise through high-octane notes of earth, white pepper, oak, dark coffee, cocoa, and more. Adding to its major motorhead appeal, these unique full-bodied smokes come in cool and collectible packaging designed to look like a can of motor oil that’ll look great next to the pin-ups in your garage.

Kick your cigar selection into overdrive with the piquant power of the CAO 60 Torque at the lowest prices right here while they last.

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