Partagas Anejo Limited Edition Esplendido Cigars

With its unique figurado shape and majestic barber-pole wrapper spin, the Partagas Anejo Limited Edition Esplendido introduces a neat and noteworthy addition to the historic brand’s legacy.

Partagas Limited Edition Anejo Esplendido cigars, box of 25

Cloaked in a swirl of rare 1998 Cameroon and 2013 Connecticut Shade wrapper leaves, the Anejo Limited Edition Esplendido is filled out with a sturdy Dominican binder and a filler blend of Mexican San Andres and Dominican Piloto Cubano tobaccos. This careful combination of premium leaves is rolled into a seldom-seen perfecto vitola with a tapered head and bulbous foot portion that resembles a bowling pin in structure.

In addition to its flamboyant looks, the Esplendido offers a complex progression of rich flavors to appease palates of all types. This exciting limited release gains intensity as it burns, releasing engaging tones of wood, leather, earth, grass, and spices along the way. If you’re not into smoking bowling pins, there’s also a limited Petit Robusto version that’s just as tasty without the fancy shape, but the adventurous Esplendido can be had at the lowest prices right here.

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