CLE Signature Cameroon Cigars

Combining the rustic sweetness of classic African Cameroon tobaccos with the rounded, spice-laden essence of the best Honduran leaves, Cameroon de Jamastran tobaccos are a unique varietal that was grown by CLE Cigars founder Christian Eiroa’s father Julio on his farm in the Jamastran Valley region of Honduras. These special wrapper leaves are the not-so-secret ingredient that brings life to the CLE Signature Cameroon cigar’s extraordinary allure.

CLE Signature Cameroon 50 x 5 cigars, box of 25

Spinning this extravagant and aromatic top leaf around a secret blend of aged long-fillers, the CLE Signature Cameroon exudes velvety complexity in each draw. A lush labyrinth of earthy, peppery, nutty, and leathery tasting tones unfolds over the course of this medium-full-bodied blend’s flawless straight burn.

Available here in your choice of two unique sizes, Christian Eiroa refers to the Signature as a “gourmet cigar”, and after just a few puffs you’ll see (taste) why. Any humidor selection can only be upgraded by adding these gems – grab yours now at the lowest possible prices.

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