Camacho Factory Unleashed cigars

Earthy, spicy, and indisputably bold, the Camacho Factory Unleashed is loaded with high-octane Corojo tobaccos.

Camacho Factory Unleashed bundle of 10 cigars

Rolled using a dark Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper leaf over a Honduran binder and fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, & the Dominican Republic, including some strong Honduran Corojo leaves, the Camacho Factory Unleashed features an exposed foot that allows you to taste the pure flavor of its interior tobaccos before the flame reaches its intense wrapper. This particularly robust intro sets the tone for the rich flavor experience that lies ahead.

Yep, it’s a good one, but the audacious character of Camacho Factory Unleashed is not long for this world – grab your batch now at Earth’s lowest prices.

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