Anastasia By Caldwell cigars

Crafted in small batches at Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s Tabacalera La Alianza in the Dominican Republic, Caldwell’s Anastasia cigars are easily some of the best boutique smokes of the modern era.

Anastasia by Caldwell Kartel (5 x 50) cigars, box of 25

Made in collaboration with Perez-Carillo using a secret stash of vintage tobaccos, the medium-bodied Anastasia is renowned for its unique, smooth-smoking quality and delicate balance of rich flavors. Brand owner Robert Caldwell has been tight-lipped about the particulars of the Anastasia’s tobacco blend since its release in 2016 and has referred to it as his “pride and joy” for reasons that are quickly revealed once you light it up.

Beautifully graceful in delivery of its copious complex flavors, the Anastasia’s tasting profile is characterized by powerful tones of dark chocolate, nuts, and earth with a deluge of tasty nuances, offering hints of nutmeg, florals, oak, and sweet espresso.

It’s the type of cigar that every aficionado should experience at least once. Experience it here in your choice of four unique sizes at the greatest value possible.

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