HVC Hot Cake Maduro cigars

Following up their Criollo-wrapped hit Pan Caliente cigar, the HVC Hot Cake is a maduro expression that cranks up the volume on rich and rewarding flavor.

Wrapped in a toothy Mexican San Andres leaf, the Hot Cake strikes a perfect medium body while relaying a succession of gritty earth, coffee, and chocolate tasting notes with a lingering natural sweetness. This coordinated flavor ensemble comes to you courtesy of the aforementioned dark wrapper along with select Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves of various vintage and primings

Strong, savory, and skillfully rolled, this Nicaraguan-made boutique offering is a gourmet smoke to spoil the palate, and we’ve got it in stock at the lowest prices. True to its name, this flavor-heavy hitter tends to move quickly – grab yours now.

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