Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious L.E. Toro cigars

Full in body and over-the-top in lush flavor, the Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious Toro is now available in very limited quantities.

Henry Clay War Hawk Rebellious Limited Edition Toro

A bold Nicaraguan puro cloaked in a potent and chocolaty Habano wrapper harvested in 2016, the War Hawk Rebellious is handmade by A.J. Fernandez & crew in Esteli, and it’s safe to say that this is the most opulent smoke ever to wear the classic Henry Clay name.

Offering rich complexity with bright tones of mocha, espresso, brown sugar, spice, and more, this flavor bomb was limited to 1,200 boxes of 20 cigars produced – grab yours now before they’re gone for good.

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