Kafie 1901 Boutique Smoke Series cigars

Some cigars carry an air of authenticity about them that others don’t. Showcasing the simple elegance of small-batch handmade cigars, the Kafie 1901 Boutique Smoke Series lets the beautiful taste and aroma of its aged tobacco blend do all the talking.

Kafie 1901 Boutique Smoke Ecuador Habano Natural Toro, bundle of 10

Rolled by hand using the classic Cuban entubado style in Honduras, these artisan cigars packaged in unassuming plain paper forego the “bells and whistles” of backstory and branding to bring you a wealth of no-nonsense rich flavor. In your choice of Connecticut, Habano, or maduro wrapper leaves, the economically-priced Boutique Smokes burn straight and smooth, leaving an aromatic trail of deep flavor in their wake.

Few cigars capture the essence of the factory floor as purely as Kafie’s Boutique Smokes. Add them to your repertoire at earth’s lowest prices right here.

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