God Of Fire 2011 Double Robusto (5 3/4x 52)

The God of Fire is an extremely limited edition cigar made once a year by the Fuente Cigar Family for maker of fine cigar accessories Prometheus. Each year Don Carlos blends one size and his son Carlito blends a few others, using tobaccos from a three-year-old harvest. For today’s review I lit up the Double Robusto (5 ¾ x 52), which was blended by Carlito, and features a blend of aged premium Dominican tobaccos beneath a Cameroon wrapper leaf.

The Double Robusto wore a smooth and veiny, creamy brown Cameroon wrapper. Adorning the cigar was two bands, one with the God Of Fire logo (which depicts the mythological Prometheus being tortured by an eagle), and the other with the name “Carlito” and the year of harvest, 2008. Construction appeared rock solid, and pre-light draws gave off woody and spicy notes, along with just a little bit of butter. It was time to ignite.

Initial flavors of the cigar were of smooth cedar with some zesty baking spice in the background, and a touch of sweetness on the finish. While the cedar was prominent in this portion, the spice seemed to ramp up a bit with each puff during this third.  A light cream note swirled into the mix just as I was reaching the 2nd third of the cigar.

While the Second 3rd was creamier and a bit sweeter than the first, it was still definitely full in flavor, with bold spice permeating the profile in every draw. The burn-line had started to lean here, and I was rocking a thick 2 inch grey ash. The cigar was still producing massive clouds of dense, creamy smoke, and by this point my palate was drenched in the rich and spicy taste of the cigar.

The minor burn issue had resolved itself by the time I burned into the last 3rd, and I started to identify notes of coffee and molasses as the flavors deepened and developed. The taste of the cigar began to alternate interestingly between super-smooth and super-spicy in every other puff for a while, before settling at a happy, balanced medium, where it remained until I finally let go of the nub.

The God of Fire 2011 Double Robusto had a slow, even burn, easy draw, and a nicely well-balanced taste. I would describe the flavors as just complex enough to keep the smoke interesting, and super-smooth thanks to the extra aging. This stick exuded the kind of quality one would expect from a Fuente family creation, and I would easily smoke one again. I’d like to let one sit for a few more years to see how the bold flavors would be affected. Overall, I have to give the God Of Fire 2011 Double Robusto a grade of A, and whether you’re a fan of Fuente smokes, or just good cigars in general, I suggest tucking a few of these away before they disappear.

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