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Cigar Review – H. Upmann Legacy Corona (Pre-release)

H. Upmann Legacy Corona (5 1/2 x 44)

This week our friendly neighborhood Altadis reps stopped by for a visit, and were kind enough to leave us with a sample of the upcoming new H. Upmann blend, the Legacy. Billed by the company as “The best H. Upmann yet”, the H. Upmann Legacy features a Sumatran-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador and a savory Nicaraguan binder around a blend of aged Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. My interest was instantly piqued, and today I set out to review the Corona size (5 ½ x 44.)

The Legacy wore a clean Sumatra wrapper with a slightly marbled look to it. Construction looked great with a solid triple-cap in place, and pre-light draws produced a taste of sweet cedar and a surprising, strong apple note.

The initial taste of the cigar was very nutty, a bit woody and sweet, and had a lingering, zesty baking spice vibe that permeated the profile. The draw was pretty firm here, but not enough to hinder the cigar’s performance. The stick was giving off a good amount of full-flavored smoke, and a neat white ash was coming along nicely. As the profile began to develop, the taste started to remind me of the Firespice Applewood chips that my dad used to throw on the grill once in a while.

In the 2nd third a well-balanced taste of coffee and rich Nicaraguan tobacco brought just enough spice-kick to the table to keep things lively. Hints of light anise began to pop up as the cigar’s body tapered off to a solid medium and the smoke took on a new creamy quality.

 During the final portion the cigar let off generous plumes of creamy smoke as a smooth culmination of the aforementioned sweet and woody flavors continued to intermingle. This stayed consistent until I ended my session with about an inch to spare.

The H. Upmann Legacy turned out to be a vibrant and eventful smoke that I would easily recommend to fans of boldly-flavored stogies. The draw could have been a little easier for my preference, but the construction and burn were about as solid as they come. I really enjoyed the complexity and nuance in the flavors present, and keep in mind- this was a pre-release sample from the vendor and I’m sure it was pretty “new”. As we all know, time is a good cigar’s best friend, and I’m sure these will be even tastier once they get to rest a bit. The H. Upmann Legacy gets an easy A grade today, and maybe I’ll even break another one out for review in a few months or so. Look for these to arrive at BCP sometime in February


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